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Financing Needed – No Problem! Payment Plans and financing is available using Care Credit or Cleargage. If you have a question about financing, call our office today!

Endodontics – Root Canals

Take advantage of our modern endodontic treatment! Root canals today are nothing like the days of old. They are a great option to get you out of pain fast while preserving your natural tooth.

The procedure, along with a crown to go over the tooth, is a great alternative to getting the tooth removed and replaced with an implant or bridge, and less expensive!

Most of the time, teeth need root canals because decay has reached the nerve of the tooth. Decay that touches a nerve is painful! It is common (to the dismay of dentists everywhere) for people to neglect their teeth until they start hurting. Unfortunately, once the tooth starts to hurt, it is too late to simply do a filling. One of two things has to happen to get you out of pain at that point: pull the tooth or take the nerve out of the tooth and restore it. The second option is essentially what a root canal does.

Keep in mind: treatment starts only after the tooth is numb.

In other words, you will likely come in with a toothache that requires a root canal, but you will leave virtually pain-free. That is the goal.

Advantages of getting root canal treatment along with a restoration (filling or crown):

• Ability to chew
• No space or gap due to a lost tooth
• Aesthetic appearance
• Relief of pain
• Prolong life of tooth

How does a root canal work?

Step 1: Exam and x-ray. The doctor will diagnose the problem and make a treatment plan

If a root canal is indicated:

Step 2: Numb the tooth
Step 3: Isolate the tooth and remove all decay present
Step 4: Remove the dead or dying nerve and any infection present
Step 5: Make space for a permanent filling to replace the space the nerve was occupying
Step 6: Same day or next visit: Fill the canals and seal them to prevent reinfection
Step 7: Place permanent filling, or temporary filling with the intention of placing a permanent restoration at the next appointment.

Other endodontic procedures:


A pulpotomy involves the removal of part of the nerve and preserving the nerves in the roots of the tooth, with the goal being to prolong the life of the tooth.

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    I found this 24/7 dental in a panic! My 6 yr old daughters face was swollen and I had no idea what was going on and no dental office was open due to it being the weekend. The staff is extremely helpful and explained in detail what was going on and what was going to happen! Everyone was so helpful! Rich was the best he made sure my baby was comfortable and stuck around for every step. John was a complete sweetheart making sure to ease her anxiety throughout the process. Jonathan was excellent and very patient when taking the exams of her teeth! And lastly Dr DiRe was extremely transparent about her being so young and not wanting to traumatize her. He left the ultimate decision up to me when he could have just completed the procedure and went on to the next patient. Long story short all the staff at Dental 24/7 we’re outstanding!! They even can prepare the prescription there!! I would recommend them to any and everyone! Thanks guy, your the best!! Leann says THANK YOU!!
    Leann Porterfield
    Leann Porterfield
    02:03 15 Jun 20
    My daughter was in severe pain from a broken tooth and I was able to get her in immediately. All of the staff was so nice and took excellent care of her. I would highly recommend anyone to this dental office.
    Lourdes Aguirre
    Lourdes Aguirre
    04:56 15 Jun 20
    I was on vacation in severe dental pain. Had a great experience here, great service and the whole staff was amazingly kind. Highly recommend if you need emergency dental care.
    Kathryn Parris
    Kathryn Parris
    21:47 12 Jun 20
    My very first visit and new to Florida. It was a very good experience. I am very scared of shots etc and the dr and the attendants were so supportive and caring. I for sure recommend.
    Yvette Mosley
    Yvette Mosley
    03:16 13 Jun 20
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